Are the ropes imported?

For now, all supply is from local sources. The more we support local, the better the products will be. For example, all ropes in natural color can't spin all the way through because of the machine capacity. 

Who makes the wall hanging in SHOP?

During the COVID situation, I make some of them myself. I have friends from various communities who help me out. I like to share jobs and support other makers. All of the products are under my watch and designed by me. 

Can I use gojek?
It depends on if I'm home or not. You cant use coupons for purchase through whatsapp.

Can I pick up the item myself?

How long does shipping take?
It depends on the area you live in. You can track them online with the tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. Send me an email.

Do you make custom macrame or tufting?
Yes, I do. Send me an email.

Do you teach how to macrame?
Sometimes I do. If there's a class available it will be in the workshop section. If not, you can learn from my macrame book. They are written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Do you have a youtube channel?
Nah. I tried before and failed. Wasn't that good on camera hahaha. AND there's already a lot of things you can learn there.